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Technical process of hunting
Trophy judge

Fill in the application form on the website or get in contact with our office by e-mail


or by phone:

+49 176 56847235, + 36 70 6719268


We will compile and send you the most suitable offer according to your needs, without any obligations, including a detailed program from arrival to departure. If you like our offer, send our office the details of the participants in the hunt (name, passport number or identity card number, gun license or hunting license, EU gun transport). It is necessary to send an invitation letter for the import of weapons, and for this we need to know the type and caliber of the weapon(s) and the quantity of ammunition to be imported.

2. Contract

Once we have agreed on all the details of the days to be spent here, we will prepare the hunting contract, which you must sign and return to our office, from which time your booking is valid. Based on the contract, we will send you an invitation letter for the import of weapons, detailed directions on how to get here, and then we will book the most suitable accommodation for you near the area. We provide a shuttle service for our guests arriving by plane. Also, an interpreter is available on request. To the best of our ability, we are personally present on the hunts.

3. The invoice

At the end of the hunt, the shooting list is filled out in consultation with the professional hunter, which will be the start of the invoice. This includes a list of the wild animals killed and the services used, on the basis of which our company will prepare the hunt’s invoice. The invoice will be issued in euros or forints, and payment will be made in cash or by bank transfer.

In the case of red deer and fallow deer bull, the antler weight on which the settlement is based, is the 24-hour skull weight after cooking! In the case of roe deer, the antler weight on which the settlement is based, is the small skull weight 24 hours after cooking! In the case of mouflons, the average value of the two horn lengths. In the case of wild boar, the average length of the two big tusks. All trophies are measured by an official trophy judge.

In case of bagging a trophy game ( with exeption of wild boar) the guest hunter has to accept a difference of ±10 precent (%) in comparison to the trophy size specified in the hunting contract. After the hunting all and every game killied and received services will be taken up in a shooting list.

Trophy judge

  • In Hungary, the antlers of the red deer, the fallow deer and the roe deer, the horns of the mouflon and the tusks (average length of at least 16 cm) of the wild boar must be presented at the mandatory trophy judge within 30 days of the kill.

  • For trophies that reach the following international points limit (IP), the hunting authority is required to present the trophy to the Ministry for review for national value:

Red deer                          240 IP


Fallow deer                     200 IP

Roe Deer                          170 IP

Mouflon                           220 IP

Wild boar                         130 IP

The hunter will receive a copy of the trophy declared as national value.

After a successful hunt we take care of finishing and judging the trophies.


Trophy transport

  • Within the EU, the original invoice and the trophy judging ticket, issued by the hunting organization or by the person entitled to hunt is required.

  • Outside the EU, the original invoice, trophy certificate, customs declaration and the official veterinary certificate issued by the hunting office or by the person entitled to hunt are required.

Hunting seasons
                    Big game species

Red deer

Mature trophy stag: 01. September – 31. October

Cull stag: 01. September – 31. January

Hind, jinnock: 01. September – 31. January

Calf: 01. September – last day of February

Fallow deer

Mature trophy fallow buck: 01. October – 30. November

Cull buck: 01. October – last day of February

Fallow doe, pricket’s sister: 01. October – 31. January

Fawn: 01. October – last day of February

Roe deer

Roe buck: 15. April – 30. September

Roe doe: 01. October – last day of February

Kid: 01. October – last day of February


Mouflon ram: 01. September – last day of February

Ewe: 01. September – 31. January

Lamb: 01. September – last day of February

Wild boar

Tusker, young pig, piglet:  All year around
Sow: All year around

Small game species

Pheasant: 01. October - last day of February

Partridge: 01. October – 31. December

Collared dove: 15. August – 31. January

Mallard: 15. August – 31. January

Coot: 01. September – 31. January

Semi wild duck (driven mallard): All year around

Bean goose, greater white-fronted goose, Canada

goose, Egyptian goose: 01. October – 31. January

Greylag goose: 01. October – 31. December

Wood pigeon: 15. August – 31. January

Hooded crow, magpie: 01. July – last day of February

Jay: 01. July – last day of February

Brown hare: 01. October – 31. December

Rabbit: All year around

Fox, golden jackal, beech marten, muskrat, racoon dog, racoon: All year around

Ferret: 01. July -last day of Februray

Budger: 01. July -last day of Februray

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