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Dear hunter/Guest,

Welcome to Sörte Jagd LTD.


I am Dávid Péterfai, the managing director of the hunting organization Sörte Jagd.

Our company organizes individual and group hunts in many hunting areas in Hungary.

Our main goal for our hunting guests is to have a beautiful and lasting experience during their hunts, with the best organization according to their needs, so they can have interesting stories to tell their friends and family.

This could be about experiencing the sounds of the deer roar, the deer hunting with an animal caller whistle, experiencing a friendly pheasant hunt or a well planned wild boar herding. Of course, it is also possible to hunt fallow deer and mouflon rams, as well as red deer, fallow deer, roe deer and mouflon, and also  in the summer time woodland animal control hunting in the organization of our company.

If you are interested in hunting in Hungary, please contact us as soon as possible, at the phone numbers, e-mail addresses in the "contact" menu or fill in the application form.

We hope to welcome you and your friends among our hunting guests soon.


Yours sincerely,    Dávid Péterfai

                 Sörte Jagd 

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Hunting experience in Hungary
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